Workman’s Compensation

Workman's Compensation

On the phone with her girlfriend, Holly Wood is at the window checking out a working buck laboring by her place. Her ally dares her to go outside and pick him up. This is an easy defiance for “Hot Wazoo.” This babe greets him with a bottle of water and invites him inside so she can blow his pants clean off, tit-bang and bonk him. That fellow is in highly skilled hands. Workman’s Comp was at not time love this except at SCORELAND.

Writes a name-not-given member, “I am so attracted to Holly it is ridiculous. I am blown away each time I watch a recent photo set or movie of her. I hope you keep bringing her back because that babe is totally breath taking. ‘Hot Ass’ is the consummate adjective to describe Holly ‘coz she has the hottest ass I have ever watched. I am just mesmerized every time I watch it. But Holly is just a beautiful lady from head to toe. I just cant receive sufficient of her. It would be sufficient if this babe just had that great wazoo and these breasts, but that babe has a gorgeous face and curves, too. More Holly, please!”

SCORELAND: Holly, if u could be invisible for a day, what would u do?

Holly: Be nosey. Watch people masturbate and have sex. So hot!

SCORELAND: Do u love to talk messy and wicked in bed or are you more the ravishing sort?

Holly: Majority of the time I am pleasant. I’ll say a pair naughty things, but typically you acquire a lot of sexy groans out of me as I receive lost in the pont of time. Catch me on a day when I’m super concupiscent, and all worked up. I can say the dirtiest things you have ever imagined.

SCORELAND: What especially makes your areolas unyielding?

Holly: When they are played with!

SCORELAND: Do you love looking in a mirror during sex?

Holly: Nope! I could not care less. I’m more anxious with how things feel.

SCORELAND: Thanks afresh for another scorcher of a scene.

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