Venera’s Xmas Ornaments

Venera's Xmas Ornaments

Vivacious Venera as Santa’s helper? Works for us just adore it works for Leanne Crow and Valory Irene, and, going further back in time, Linsey Dawn, Autumn-Jade, Sharday, Kerry Marie, Chloe, Kianna Dior, Miranda and other sexy busties who’ve worn the Xmas reds and whites. (Green for Venera this year.) We asked Venera, “If a stud brings you a gift on the 1st date, what’s the foremost thing that stud could bring you: roses, chocolate or a fresh dress?” “I don’t ask chaps to buy me clothes,” Venera said. “I can buy my own. And chocolate I don’t eat. And roses are not my favorite. I most like spring flowers. So just bring yourself!” Fair sufficient! Venera knows what that babe looks worthy wearing. “Sexy ram! I adore sexy outfit that show my deep cleavage. It doesn’t always have to be so fancy ‘coz I likewise love carefree, comfortable things, but I do not love big garments. I adore hot raiment that are taut and reveal off my body. But sometimes garments don’t need to be taut to be hot. It can be something interesting that shows off your body in some other way, perhaps something that leaves something to the imagination.” But only just a little! That skinny and stacked physique was made to wear dental floss string bikinis, oh, yep.

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