S.O.S. Bikini Blast

S.O.S. Bikini Blast

Life is captivating when u can check out Vanessa Y. try on swimsuits that look made out of dental floss. Does Vanessa wear those in public? She’s a ballsy kind of female so maybe this babe does.

“I avoided smoking, I started drinking beer and my love bubbles got bigger,” told Vanessa, covergirl of November ’14 V-mag. This is not the first time a glamour model has said that beer drinking has been worthy for her milk shakes. (Beer is made from hops and the woman hormone estrogen is in hops.)

After Vanessa has attempted on all of her bikinis, this babe receives undressed and takes the plunge into a phat pool, playing with her greater than run of the mill love muffins and drubbing and petting her charming vagina which this babe depilated for this bikini reveal since super-tiny bathing suit bottoms adore those don’t go together with bush.

In Vanessa’s previous shoot, an indoor shoot called “Stairway To Larger than run of the mill Boob Heaven,” this babe trimmed her hedge but it was still glamorous unshaved, especially by today’s mistress standards of shaving or waxing their va-jay-jays. Those of you bemoaning the removal of her unshaved pelt should think positive and keep in mind that the view of Vanessa’s vivacious vulva is no longer obscured by tufts of snatch.

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