Valory’s Florida Vacation

Valory's Florida Vacation

Miami is the city of fetching cuties. The sun, the beaches, the scenery and the glitz attract sexy vixens. Although Valory is visiting the Magic Town for the first time, that babe lives in the Sunshine State now and likes it. Valory toured South Beach and other sections of Miami by boat, car and on foot. Ravisher attracts dish.

“I live in Florida now and I love being here,” Valory says. “It’s great people, worthwhile weather, tons of palm trees. You can go on the beach, you can receive a tan and simply enjoy.”

Valory tries on different swimsuits, pole dances on our boat as she cruises on Miami’s waterways and checks out a deserted beach to have some hawt enjoyment. More voluptuous and stacked than ever before, Valory looks amazing. USA agrees with her. Her fluency in English has incredibly improved. That babe describes her tour since her association with SCORE, an event that changed her life. That babe is smart, marvelous and stacked. Valory has it all.

“Here in Florida, people are more relaxed, for sure. More smiley, more affable, they have more enjoyment. They costume more casually. In Ukraine, hotties dress up every time. Makeup all the time. Even when they throw out the garbage, they always have makeup on. Here it’s not adore that. And about chaps, some American men are too forward, which I don’t adore. It depends on the person. Some are very good.”

It’s our dream that many foreign SCORE Beauties come to USA. Hitomi was one dream cutie visitation. It’s come true again now with Valory Irene who says, “It’s so valuable to be in Florida. And I think my bosoms have gotten larger!” A win-win statement if we ever heard one.

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