Upstairs Downstairs & What A Staircase!

Upstairs Downstairs & What A Staircase!

The SCORE staff wants that our friend Valory Irene (and Sha Rizel) didn’t live so far away in Ukraine. But urges do not exist. It takes work and planning to make something happen. ‘cuz of the logistics involved, photographing Valory involves major projects such as Larger than run of the mill Boob Finishing School in Portugal and the latest, SCORELAND On Location in the Caribbean. Valory just cant pop over to visit our office for a diminutive in number days. This photo widen and movie of Valory glamour modeling underware and dresses and exposing every inch of her extraordinarily captivating body is one more keeper.

Valory’s life at home:

“I love exotic dancing. I love swimming. I like rabbits and dogs, but I don’t have any pets cuz I live in a bigger than average town and it’s rock hard to have pets. I work so much, I hardly have time to take care of myself. That’s why it’s so much enjoyment to be a model.”

About being a glamour model detected by SCORE in 2010:

“It is something I always dreamed of, and now I am living out my dream. Numerous times, I had dreamed about being a glamour model adore this, and my dream came true! My favorite part is makeup, changing into different hot garments, wearing different hot outfit. Anything. I like what I’m doing.”

The interior Valory:

“I’m kind. I’m a wonderful person, I think. Of course, maybe it is not precious to talk about myself like that and say that I’m a priceless person, but I suppose I treat men valuable. I give my warmth to ’em. I would like to have sex below a palm tree, as lengthy as no coconuts fall on my head! But I am a romantic. I adore when a lady-killer surprises me and takes his time to do particular things.”

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