Topmost Susie Wilden: Susie Meets Chloe

Ultimate Susie Wilden: Susie Meets Chloe

In Part TWO of the classic Paramount Susie Wilden, our heroine Susie, a chipper, affable, eager-to-please British bird meets up with Germany’s imposing bust star Chloe Vevrier, a legend with countless SCORE and Voluptuous Guys. This was their first and only adventure. They not at all saw each other once more after this. Chloe helps Susie beautify herself as they sit on a daybed. They’re decked out in hawt dresses. Chloe‘s renowned bosom threatens to spill out of her low-cut dress as this babe applies make-up to Susie. (Chloe truly knows how to costume for bra buddies.) Chloe breastnotizes Susie, using her psychic powers to entice Susie’s mind in advance of that babe seduces her body. Susie is spellbound by Chloe‘s hirsuteness. Chloe urges to play with Susie’s mountainous naturals and Susie is crazy to let Chloe have at them. In a lengthy, slow seduction, the girls strip to total nakedness and receive off on every other’s amazingly voluptuous bodies and smooth, cushioned skin, and the scent of their luscious cunts. They need something hard and lengthy also so they masturbate every other with vibrating toys shaped like dongs and have mammoth orgasms, one after the other, in one of the horniest Big-Boob lesbian sessions SCORE has filmed to date.

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