Supreme Alexis May: Alexis May Show & Tell

Ultimate Alexis May: Alexis May Reveal & Tell

Not just an interview but a breasts and booty and bawdy cleft flaunt, the kind SCORE editors love unsurpassable. The way we always view it, it is just as elementary to interview a model nude and showing off her slit and teats as it is to interview her fully dressed. Naturally, majority of the conversation is about milk cans and sex, since Alexis May is a porno star, and if u cant talk down and messy to a sex star about sex, who can u talk to about it? And how are most boys in couch with Alexis anyway? Not porn bucks, just boys? “I think some men know what they’re doing, some boys do not know what they’re doing and are ready to learn, and some guys think they know what they’re doing but don’t,” Alexis said. “They’re the worst. I mean, I don’t know everything about how to please a buck, and I’m still learning. Boys sometimes get intimidated by me when they investigate I’m a porn star, but just because I’m a adult star doesn’t mean I know everything there is to know about sex. I am very young, and chaps sometimes forget that cuz I have bigger than run of the mill mounds and I do porn.” A pornstar who admits that babe is still learning about sex. Do not you respect that?

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