Tuggin’ The Teacher

Tuggin' The Teacher

Ah, Terry Nova. She might not understand too much English, but this babe does have stupendous mammaries, so that works in her favour. Don’t understand what we mean? Imagine trying to train this stacked seductress some English. U try and educate her some important phrases adore, “Where is the baths?” and “Could you tell me how to get to the library?” but she acts adore this babe doesn’t comprehend. Yet, this babe takes to all the ribald words like a fish to water! Pretty soon you’d realize, that it’s not that that babe can not learn English, it is just that she wants to learn the things that she’s sure this babe can use. Phrases love, “Touch my big boobies, please,” and “Let me see your big meat-thermometer,” are more fine suited for a gal adore Terry. And gals like Terry are grateful for the knowledge. So grateful that they whip out their greater than average fullsome funbags and milk their teacher’s rod as a way of saying thanks. It may not be the traditional apple for the teacher, but what woman chaser would complain about Terry offering up her pantoons instead?

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