Toujours Lamoure

Toujours Lamoure

Chloe Lamoure is a marvelous angel who decided to live out her exhibitionistic urges. Chloe detected early she has a natural talent for turning boyz on and does so effortlessly.

“I was the skinniest cutie in school,” Chloe told. “Things changed for me in my early nubiles. The boys started to look at me differently.” Differently as in lusting over this hot, big busted brunette hair.

“When I am not shooting, I go to the Fitness Centre three times a week or more. I am doing bodybuilding also and I adore to do a little bit of force lifting. I am a truly powerful cutie. I can squat 130 kilograms.”

Chloe prefers bucks who are leaders.

“I’m a very passive cutie. I like that feeling that a charmer has control over me. I adore to have different experiences. My most weird raunchy experience was having sex with my boss. I had sex with my room mate. We attempted oral sex with every other and fingered our wet cracks. We had such enjoyment.”

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