Tapping Tigerr’s Tank

Tapping Tigerr's Reservoir

Her name may be Tigerr Benson but chaps who see her are the ones who turn into animals.

Steve acquires rough with Tigerr in this sensual coupling. That ladies man pulls her hair whilst that lady-killer copulates her doggy position in her cum-hole and ass. He rams into Tigerr love a bull. He pumps Tigerr’s cleavage inflexible and fast, and vigorously finger-bangs her pussy. This is rogering of the intensive kind. Tigerr’s cries fill the room as they go at it.

This is the Tigerr effect. Her captivating body, face and big bumpers push her sex partners over the edge. But it’s ok. Tigerr likes rough sex and all kinds of kink play including servitude and discipline.

Having bigger in size bumpers has upped Tigerr’s cachet. “Absolutely,” Tigerr told. “Actually I was so surprised that studs are much hotter for me after my second boob job. I love variation in the way a man actually treats my hooters. I’m a natural tanalize and there are times when I adore to be in control of a lad. I too receive very lascivious and tingly when I feel the full vigour of an Alpha male who takes control of me. When it’s vehement, I love to be treated coarse.”

Naturally Tigerr loves to make it in public if that babe can. “Lots of quickies. I adore hawt, ardent sex. In a bigger than typical alley doing doggie. I love sex in cars, taxis and any kind of vehicle. I have a dirty mind.”

And, like any cat, Tigerr laps up Steve’s spunk.

We talked to Tigerr about this scene.

SCORELAND: Steve seems lovey-dovey in this scene and enamored with u. Do u generally relish plenty of giving a kiss and neck-nibbling beforehand?

Tigerr: He was truly worthwhile. Yep I can’t assist being into a scene. I suppose u need a balance between getting into the scene and making sure you are still pro. This is what I’m trying to train my maiko (Japanese for greenhorn) at the moment.

SCORELAND: Steve sticks his finger in your a-hole and pulls on your twat ring, then pulls your hair and gives u a fast fingering. Do u adore it rough and being controlled?

Tigerr: I love one as well as the other rough and fleshly. I suppose tons of boyz just remember my early scenes which were quite coarse! I do love most of all a smooth operator to be in control.

SCORELAND: You gave Steve very hot blowjobs and ball-sucking 3 different times in the video. You’re passionate and nasty. Is this a natural skill or did you develop it over time?

Tigerr: This is just the way I am. I don’t truly “perform.” I do not think it is much of a skill, it is just what I love to do. I adore engulfing and ball-licking a LOT!

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