Tia Is A Playgirl

Tia Is A Babe

British SCORELAND members will know Tia Clegg from Babestation, the Britain TV sex lines unveil that lets viewers communicate with foxy presenters throughout text or phone. It’s kind of an acceptable way of making a ribald phone call to a angel while u observe her on TV. Daniella Levy is also on Babestation. There’s no thing like it in the States. Usually in sofa or on a couch, the beauties will hold a phone in one hand and play with their bodies with the other, getting into different fuck-me positions, sometimes using a toy. This is her first time at SCORELAND.

A looker contest winner, able dancer, web digi camera cutie and supplementary (the Brit TV display Hollyoaks), Tia has an weird point of see about boyz.

SCORELAND: What makes you laugh the hardest?

Tia: A lad with a very bad temper as I discover they are the foremost in bed.

SCORELAND: So what turns you on?

Tia: It turns me on when a Lothario ignores me. It makes me urge him more.

How any woman chaser could ignore Tia is beyond us.

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