The Return of Africa Sexxx

The Return of Africa Sexxx

Longtime SCORELAND and SCORE magazine men will remember this foxy babe with the winning smile. The last time that babe filmed here was in 2007.

Then a surprise email from Africa Sexxx arrived with photos this babe took at home. She wanted to adult model once more. “For a little during the time that,” as Africa told in an upcoming interview.

Once dunky and stacked with 32G-cup marangos, Africa now has 40M-cup bra-busters. It blows our minds and, pardon the expression, still takes some time to wrap our heads around the change. Or is it Africa’s marangos wrapping around our heads. There’s now more to like, more to motorboat.

Africa started with us in the spring of 2001. Glamour modeling was new for her but it didn’t become a life-changing experience.

“It didn’t change me but it actually made me crave other companies wanted to adult model themselves after u,” Africa told when this scene was filmed. “You treat us ladies, no matter what or size, like princesses, when we’re usually treated adore a dime a dozen. I indeed appreciate that and thanks.”

Wants are understandable but these people will not at all change the way they treat the glamour models.

Africa said in a 2001 interview, “Everyone is so valuable here. When you come here, they treat u like you’re noted or smth. I feel specific here. I’ve always wanted somebody to do my makeup and do it well ‘coz people who have done my makeup receive intimidated by the black skin thing. They just don’t know what to do. But the makeup artist here is the bomb. That babe really knows how to work it.

“Everything about the shoot here was great. I was pampered and made to feel like a star. And the ladies man was a doll, and that buck actually took care of me, if u know what I mean. I guess it is important that the goddess in a episode has a wonderful time, cuz it always comes through if she’s bored or something. I mean, we’re doing it, so we might as well have a priceless time, right? That’s just my attitude on life. Always do things all the way. Not at all do anything halfway. I am doing this cuz I enjoy it. And because, like I said, it makes me feel like a star.”

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