The Pre-Game Show Interview

The Pre-Game Display Interview

Maggie used to pay for her high school spring break vacations by entering succulent T-shirt contests. And, certainly, she’d always win. How could she not with those bigger in size than typical boobies and captivating bod? This is a hotty who has it all. Over the course of her undressed modeling at SCORE, Maggie has steadily heated up her world, from her 1st toying times to getting a strap-on coupling from porno star Daphne Rosen, and then to joining Angela White for Angela’s “hardscore” specific in the Caribbean. By herself, she jacked and was titty-fucked. With Angela, that babe fed their bed-mate their perky areolas, got titty-fucked again and was creamed on, and, of course, Angela ate Maggie’s vagina (and when a cutie has her cunt licked by Angela, she’s had the topmost pussy-licker in the world). So it has been a process, a progression and a study in big-bang theory for Miss Green. Now Maggie is back and she’s pulling out all the stops. Maggie explains why the time is right for her first close encounter of the Hard SCORE kind in this pre-game interview!

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