The Flawless Bride

The Ideal Bride

“My perfect day is maybe going on the beach and getting a tan, and swim and splash in the water with my friends. It is wonderful.”

Valory Irene is the perfect bride. She brought this bridal fantasy to life, and doing it outside on a day couch made it sexier. The weather was consummate. Even though the location was out side by the beach, it was private.

I am a hawt cutie,” told Valory. She meant her body temperature. “I’m always sexy. My skin is always hawt, not cold, but if I’m near a fine guy and I adore him, certainly, it cheers me up and makes me warm up even more. I do not think of myself as special. I think all honey bunnys are particular, and any smooth operator can make a lady feel particular.”

If all hotty’s are specific as Valory said, that makes her extra-special.

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