The Fantasy Bride

The Dream Bride

Here comes the bride. And here cums the bride.

Marriage is when the chap loses his bachelors’ degree and the lady acquires her masters’ degree. But that’s just fine when the big busted bride is the great Tiggle Bitties.

The groom won’t need his breast Lothario to throw a bachelor party for him with Tiggle envisaging in sofa. Why acquire boob-drunk with pole-dancers when Tiggle’s got all a smooth operator needs and desires? The scene opens with Tiggle swinging her feet in the air and clothed in her bridal finery.

This could be Tiggle’s horniest SCORELAND scene of them all. Tiggle has a confession to make first. Then this babe gives up that pleasant ram. And topping it all off adore the 2 dolls on a wedding cake is the sexually excited honeymoon pillow talk Tiggle murmurs.

“I adore long, tortuous teasing followed by a precious screw,” Tiggle teased in her glamourous way. “I adore to have my teats played with. Gently and then not so gently.”

Says the gushing bride, “I like screwing underneath a large, full moon and having just a finger inserted into my a-hole when someone’s going down on me. When I give a oral-job, I most like to pull the cum in and drink it.”

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