The Female-dom In Me

The Dominatrix-bitch In Me

Germany’s wildly popular media superstar Annina is everywhere. Nightclub appearances, car reveals, TV, radio, magazines, Big Brother star in Germany and the Phillipines, Oktoberfest fests, conventions, fund-raisers, soccer promotions–Annina‘s in hot and heavy demand and may this babe continue in her success. When the German comedy video “Super Troopers” (‘Die Super Bullen”) needed a sexy vixen with large ones, they went to her. This babe even lived on a pig farm for four days for a TV flaunt called “The Animal In Me” and later donated her 5,000 Euros prize for winning to PETA. What a hottie. Going against type, Annina tries the fetish look in this SCORE edition and it works. She could be a gorgeous nasty domina, no doubt, although rogering Annina in her snatch and ass and filling her throat with nut-splat is a lot more preferable to her beating our butts with a whip! She does do mean facial expressions well and fills out that dress beautifully. Annina‘s scene with Shane Diesel, her first and merely interracial, is part of the DVD Big boobed Weenie Worshippers 2.

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