The Big-busted Lady In Dark Nylons

The Big-busted Woman In Dark Stockings

“I guess I’m just adore everyone else, but one thing I’ve detected, and other people much smarter than me have said the same thing, is that the high reaching erogenous zone we have is not between our legs, but between our ears,” Alexis Adore told.

Alexis had no interest in doing hardcore. It wasn’t a question of age. That babe explained why.

“I think the emotion and sensuality of lovemaking is the highest stimulation. After that, everything takes care of itself. I suppose a kiss is as important as making adore. My sex life is for me and whomever I’m with, and that isn’t for public viewing. I feel sex is a personal and private matter, to be cherished by merely two people.

“If the chemistry is there, then I guess it will evolve naturally. It doesn’t indeed matter who approaches whom. I most like that the buck approach me, only coz I identify that I like to be pursued. It is a turn-on to be courted, wined, dined, and all of that stuff, coz part of the pleasure is in the follow. Being craved is an incredible turn-on. I do not think I have ever met someone who did not want me physically. Oh, god, that sounds bad, doesn’t it?”

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