Super Soaked And Caressed Down

Super Moist And Rubbed Down

In Part 5, the conclusion of the XLGirls feature DVD Montego Women, Micky, Gya and Terri Jane appear in the distance, walking abreast and packing guns, adore characters in a spaghetti western. Except the guns they wield are super-soaker water squirt guns! They’re going to have a shoot-out. Wearing thin T-shirts, they’re quickly wetted down as they seek every other on the lawn firing their water rifles. As they run after every other, u can watch their giant scones bouncing madly in their damp tops. It is a spectacular sight to witness. Gya and Terri go after Micky, trying to tear off her shirt and in the process, they all lose their shirts. Their stupendous mounds bounce and swing wildly in the Jamaican sun and that is just for starters! They’re not done yet making the most of their holiday. The three pleased and giggly jiggle goddesses have more fun and games planned for the finale of their vacation in Montego Bay and they will take you along for the ride, every bounce of the way!

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