Boob Cruise Paradise 4

Boob Cruise Paradise 4

Boob Cruise Paradise Part 4 starts on the island of Saint Barthélemy or St. Barths. This French territory is a picture consummate location for photo shoots. Busty Dusty, a beach bunny and kooky SCUBA diver, can’t live without this place.

Following Dusty is Adele Stephens of Great Britain, on board for her only Boob Cruise. Adele began her career as a renowned Page THREE Goddess which brought her to the attention of SCORE‘s photo team. By sheer coincidence and timing, the illustrious Pandora Peaks was vacationing on St. Barths, heard the Boob Cruise was in city and came out to meet some of the shipmates. As the Cruise entered its last leg of the travel, the parties and exposes on board the Star Clipper went full blast. This was the end. The dancers on-deck included Minka (who would always fur pie a volunteer for some oily one-on-ones), Summer Cummings, Skye Blue and Summer Leigh.

Cruise diarist Summer Leigh wrote, “I can see why everyone loves the Boob Cruise beach party. It is so relaxing and everyone just parties adore batty. There’s something about being on an island at night, with the water lapping at the shore, the moon and stars shining bright. It’s the ideal romantic setting and it really got me wanton. So, what did I do? I went back to the ship after the party and masturbated in my cabin! Finally!”

And on the final night previous to landfall, Summer wrote this entry, “Back on the ship, we’re all getting ready for the Captain’s dinner! The last dinner. I can’t believe it’s not quite over. The dinner was great! It was admirable seeing everyone clothed up. Such class! I myself clothed up every evening except for one coz I wanted to make a wonderful impression. I don’t must costume up that often, so it was fun. I got a little drunk on wine. I hadn’t been drunk all week except maybe the first day.

“And of all nights, they put up the sails this final night, which made it hard to walk on the ship in my high heels. I was trying to spend as much time as I possibly could to say goodbye. It was sad. I felt adore they were family after spending a whole week with ’em. However, I did not need to know enough of the girls. I suppose because I was likewise busy with the passengers.”

Chuck, writer of the ship’s official log closed the book on Boob Cruise 1998.

“It will not hit the passengers until they acquire back that it is all been a immense SCORE fantasy that lured ’em in for a magical week, then spit them back out into the real world: the office, the boss, the wives, children, what have u. And that’s when they’ll indeed begin their vivid remembrances. That is what this dream does to u and those of us who know it all also well.”

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