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<p class=Sophia Capri, in this SCORE Classic video, helped pop many a woodie. In advance of Sophia was Sophia, this babe called herself Cat Tailer. She explained why.

“I’ve always been called Cat since I was youthful. When I called an exotic dancer agency, they told me I needed 2 names and that stumped me! I had no idea what to use. I was hoping to use just ‘Cat.’ My grandma used to call me ‘Cat-Tail’ so I was playing around with that and it just came to me. ‘Cat Tailer.'”

Love many cuties, Cat became a dancer and then a model to earn tuition specie and living expenses to go back to school and not have to take out expensive student loans. “I went to Michigan State U for two years and studied brute science genetics with an emphasis on equines. It was natural for me ‘coz I was on the Michigan State Equestrian team and I have my own horse. Of course, stripping was the next logical step after genetics! A lot of people go from genetics to lap dancing….”

A petite in number months later, Cat changed her name to Sophia Capri and sailed on the second Boob Cruise.

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