Sofia Deluxe: Sexy, Saucy & Enjoyable Senorita

Sofia Deluxe: Hot, Saucy & Pleasing Senorita

Sweet-faced Sofia Deluxe…now here’s a thick vixen with a delightful body. Our team traveled 1,500 miles for her. You’d love her to do the salsa on your bloated pole. All of us at XL Beauties would adore that.

After Sofia did what she is so fine at, this babe chatted with one of the workers.

XLGirls: What and where was your kinkiest erotic rencounter?

Sofia: With a stranger on the beach. I was nervous about being caught but I did it moreover. Part of the thrill was the fear.

XLGirls: Have u ever had a raunchy rencounter with some other beauty?

Sofia: I have. I was very curious. We did it love we saw in a porn episode.

XLGirls: Have you ever had sex in public?

Sofia: When I think of that, I suppose of sex in a car parked on a busy street or something love that. I have at no time had sex in public unless u include the beach but I would adore to. It would be very exciting.

XLGirls: Have u ever been in a three-way?

Sofia: I’ve not had a trio but I’d adore to.

XLGirls: What about any kinky fetishes?

Sofia: I have none.

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