Siri, Display Us Your Tatas

Siri, Show Us Your Tatas

“From the time I was 19, I dated babes,” Siri explained. “Well, I mean I dated vixens exclusively. I had girlfriends. And then I avoided courting sweethearts and I went through my doxy phase where I was bewitched with dudes. Well, I guess that every hotty goes throughout a bitch phase. Mine just happened after I was a lesbo for a little bit. I went to Spain after high school and I was at this party and I met some musicians there. This one boy stared at me the whole time. When the party died down that woman chaser came over and introduced himself and then 3 hours later, we had sex. And I was so into it! I had not at any time given a fellatio in my life and I deep-throated it the first try! It was barmy. And I loved sex with bucks after that.” And now Siri is sowing her wild oats adore a gal on fire. “I’m married and we have been swinger couples for about a year and a half, now. But I have been in open relationships and very experimental for years.” The reaction from mag browsers and web members has been big. This babe cover-debuted in both September ’12 editions of SCORE and Voluptuous. That doesn’t happen often as we wrote on the Blog.

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