Stacked In Swimsuits

Stacked In Swimsuits

With her bright eyes and happy-to-be-here smile, Shelby Gibson is back to the Large Display trying on unbelievable swimsuits. Shelby, the ultra-slim, ultra-stacked wife of a SCORE reader, has the kind of body that is consummate for radical, excessively skimpy bikinis and monokinis. A container of dental floss contains more material than her bikinis.

Heads turn and eyes spread when Shelby wears those little numbers to the beach or to a pool. Wolf-whistles can sometimes be heard in the distance. After showing her suits, Shelby heads indoors to expose her bush, a rarity these days for vixens from all walks of life.

We talked to Shelby during the movie and too after.

SCORE: Moreover SCORE mag, do you read raunchy books? If yep, which ones?

Shelby: No, porn vids and images are more excellent. But I do read mysteries.

SCORE: Do you hang out with other Big-Boob hotties?

Shelby: I do have some glamorous breasty allies and we have a great time going out together. We always receive a lot of attention!

SCORE: Do u have any girlfriends pumped up adore you? And would this babe adult model?

Shelby: I have several big breasted friends who are marvelous hot but they’re not as big as I’m. They would probably model for glamourous raiment or merchandise but I don’t think that they would undressed glamour model. They don’t even know that I am a SCORE Beauty!

SCORE: Do you acquire to have your tops fitted or can you detect ’em off the rack?

Shelby: Custom made is my merely option.

SCORE: If we were to see you just out shopping at the mall, what would you be wearing?

Shelby: It depends a bit on my mood but usually I’m in a nice, taut top with tight jeans and heels.

SCORE: Do people ask u if you are a glamour model?

Shelby: Not all the time but occasionally. It is a real ego booster.

SCORE: Do u care for your bumpers in any particular way, such as rubbing lotion into ’em?

Shelby: I do not use lotion on ’em very often but I do use lube for tittie rogering. And I indeed ADORE caressing recent hot cum on ’em!

SCORE: Do you go braless in a Tee shirt?

Shelby: Yeah, any time I can…which is most of the time.

SCORE: What position do u sleep in?

Shelby: I sleep exposed on my side or back. I cant sleep on my stomach.

SCORE: You’re in swim costume adult model shape. What kind of work-outs do u do to stay so fit? Oozing, weights, Pilates…?

Shelby: Thanks. Bike riding and stationary bike work almost any worthy for my figure but LOTS OF sex is the topmost workout!

SCORE: Have you ever had a G-Spot agonorgasmos? What triggers it?

Shelby: No, but my adore button, a-hole, mammaries and nipples are very sensitive. I’ve lots of orgasms which I think is why I love sex so much.

SCORE: Has having giant knockers enhanced your sex life?

Shelby: Definitely. They have truly spiced things up. The supplementary attention is very empowering. And they’ve opened up a lot more opportunities.

SCORE: Are u into obscene talking during sex?

Shelby: Copulate yep! I adore talking impure and getting talked filthy to. It appears to be to actually fire up the boys even more which just adds to the pleasure!

SCORE: Do you think women should be allowed to be topless anywhere it’s legal for bucks to be shirtless?

Shelby: I kind of like women being different. I suppose being scantily overspread in public is really more hawt than if we were just topless.

SCORE: Have u had sex in public places? Have u ever had sex in a taxi? Do u like sex in cars?

Shelby: I think it may sound laughable since I adore showing off but I’m not into public sex. If I knew it was all adults watching, it might be different but I am also worried that some kid will see the act which I don’t wish. That is what’s great about the SCORE discharges, all adults, so all pleasure! I like reading the comments that the members write about my images and movies. Please keep them coming. I find ’em very encouraging.

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