SCORE Rookie of the Year

SCORE Apprentice of the Year

Voted SCORE magazine’s Novice of The Year, Valory faced a constricted race against Venera. Next contest, the race for Sex star of the year should be just as constricted as their amazingly constricted, curvacious showgirl physiques. “I voted for Valory ‘coz of her classic SCORE figure,” wrote F.D. “Slim but shapely. The slope of her natural pointer sisters topped by snow-cone teats is unbeatable to me. That babe has a very beautiful face too. You don’t watch most Hollywood actresses looking this precious in each way.” A SCORELAND member named haplo1 echoed F.D.: “Valory just gets more awesome and more astounding. I at not time receive fatigued of seeing these excellent knockers capped with Danni Ashe-esque teats. She is a national treasure!” And Nipple Maximum, Ph.D., raved, “Let me call a spade a spade here. I’ve almost torn my own rod off masturbating to this female. I can not say sufficient about her. And she’s SO GLAMOROUS! When I take a pont of time to stray off her flawless mangos, I see her stylish, kind eyes. Valory Irene is simply IT.” Nuff’ said! Congratulations, Valory!

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