Creamin’ For It

Creamin' For It

Marvelous Scarlet LaVey puts her book down and sticks her large melons out when this babe sees Rocky hungrily eyeing her heavy chest. That stud wishes some of that hooter act. Scarlet is not one to deny a lewd ladies man a voyage inside her deep cleavage. That babe pulls his head in closer for a deeper look. It is motorboating time.

Rocky feasts on Scarlet’s yummy nipples, noisily slurping away. He and Scarlet make enjoyment sounds. This is only the starting. Rocky’s hand heads south to Scarlet’s envisaging snatch. Slipping a finger inside her girl-hole, Rocky feels her soaked candy-walls. He’ll swap his finger for his rod soon but first Scarlet need to be fed rock hard prick. Kneeling as Rocky stands, Scarlet plays a tune on his skin-horn, then suggests her cupped scones so that stud can shag that hot deep cleavage. Rocky wants more lip-service so Scarlet sucks him deeply and hands-free.

Now it is time for their dirty ride. Rocky sits on the daybed and Scarlet saddles up. Sitting on his stiffie, the brunette knock-out rides the bologna pony, 1st with her back to him. Scarlet dismounts and gives his pecker a quick engulf before riding him one more time, this time with her giant naturals in his face. Scarlet desires a load of nut-extract inside her love tunnel this time but their ride has a pleasure way to go before they arrive at cum-town!

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