Three The Rock hard Way

 Three The Unbending Way

Dellon got an added hardon bonus anyway his workmen’s compensation when this lady-killer rogered in Sandra Star’s light bulb in “The Working Man’s Supreme Fantasy.” As in Sandra rogered the trousers off him.

Coming home late from a date with the expose stopping Sandra, they find Dellon’s bro Denis passed out in his apartment. Sandra’s marangos look willing to pop out of her low-cut dress and Dellon can not expect to receive a lip lock on her pointed teats. His snoozing buddy doesn’t prevent Sandra and Dellon from getting into bed and starting to mess around. A giggling Sandra is wide open to Dellon sucking on her greater than standard jutting fun bags.

Just as Dellon’s about to give Sandra head, Denis wakes up. That woman chaser must have big boobed radar. This doesn’t cock-block Dellon’s act at all. Sandra’s amused and this babe is cheerful to have Denis join in. She can easily handle 2 chaps and double her enjoyment. Each fellow acquires to bone Sandra’s ass too. The fetching, bountifully-buxom blonde is very accommodating! What a enchanting heart!

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