The Working Man’s Ultimate Fantasy

The Working Man's Preeminent Fantasy

Here we have each electrician’s fantasy as well as the goal of every lad who likes glamourous, tiny blondes with greater than typical, high-riding boobies. Mr. Electric has been called to Sandra Star’s place to repair a light fixture. She is wearing a constricted, cleavage-baring suit that shows off her bod and a below garment that makes her bosoms stick straight out. Shocking! While that skirt chaser is checking to watch what the problem is, Sandra is checking him out.

Sandra (April 2016 SCORE covergirl) has him sit next to her on the ottoman and when this chab tries to present her with the bill, that woman chaser gets an eyeful of her jutting, jolting pointer sisters. His daddy steered him right when that Lothario said him to learn a trade. Sandra lowers the top of her suit and her underneath garment, revealing her undressed love melons, and offers him something admirable to suckle. This chab takes her up on her overture and before lengthy, Sandra is hanging over his lap, sucking and licking his shaft. The sparks are really flying.

Sandra lies back on the bed and lifts her high-heeled feet up so her fresh friend can pull off her belts, widen her pink flaps and take up with the tongue the pink center. Sandra’s moans, her crazy-sexy body and her gyrations of pleasure act adore an aphrodisiac, frying his circuits. That ladies man plugs his cable into her tight socket and they blow their fuses.

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