The Boobalicious Miss Lily

The Boobalicious Miss Lily

The one comment heard over and over afresh about Samantha Lily has to do with the word “legend.”

“A legend in the making.”
“Samantha’s already a legend.”
“This cutie will be an all-time legend if that babe chooses to be.”

Samantha’s back to display off more of her glamourous figure and all-natural boobs.

“I did tons of insane things when I was young,” says Samantha. “Many times… but a long-time agone. I had a bonkers spouse who wanted me to try everything. Now I am Twenty six and crave to spend all my life with a woman chaser who I like and have vehement sex in combination with like.”

But Samantha says many chaps are afraid to introduce themselves. We’ve heard other SCORELAND Girls say this too.

“I don’t know why fellows have problems getting up the courage to pick me up. I am very amiable and wonderful to everybody. I dont understand this.”

Don’t worry, Samantha. All SCORELAND lads know how amicable u are.

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