Rule, Britannia Swim costume!

Rule, Britannia Swimsuit!

It is Union Jack bathing costume time for British super-model Katie Thornton, and after some swim costume images to commence this photo-shoot, proud Brit Katie will be taking off her swim costume and flying the Union Jack high. Rule, Britannia!

As a proud sports fan, Katie supports Manchester United F.C. and tries to catch ’em on TV when this babe can. It is rock hard to believe she merely works out “sometimes” with that tight and curvacious sexbomb body.

“I always go out wearing the tightest suit,” told Katie, a hotty who dresses upscale-sexy and often posts pics on Twitter and Instagram. Katie is in the oozing for 2016 SCORE Glamour model of the year. Her biggest challenger will be three-time MOY winner Hitomi. We’ll see what happens when irresistible power meets immovable object.

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