Yoga Bare

Yoga Bare

Yoga is Rockell’s prefered way to stay fit and flexible. Mud wrasslin’ seems to be her second prefered. The agile and delightsome Alabama cutie does a dreamy workout with a medicine ball in the episode and reveals us her yoga moves in the images. Who could teach in the same room as Rockell and not drop a dumbbell on his foot?

SCORELAND: So, Rockell, do u have any funny habits? Anyway mud wrestling?

Rockell: No, nothing really laughable that I can think of.

SCORELAND: Do you adore to sing? We have the feeling that you do.

Rockell: Yeah, I do indeed. I go to karaoke one time a week.

SCORELAND: Do seat thongs fit you comfortably?

Rockell: Seat thongs do tend to go right betwixt my breast valley. That is all part of having greater than standard, captivating naturals like mine I suppose.

SCORELAND: Do you dance when you’re playing music at home?

Rockell: I adore to dance. For example, I am at home listening to Led Zeppelin and lap dancing to the beat right now.

SCORELAND: Do you wear high heels around the abode?

Rockell: I love to wear heels during play time! That is my favourite time of day. Dress up is joy for all, in my opinion!

SCORELAND: So u wear high heels at home, you sing and u dance. Have u ever been a pole dancer? Do u ever go to lap dancing clubs as a customer?

Rockell: I indeed enjoy intend to exotic dancing clubs with allies. It’s plenty of joy. I haven’t indeed ever danced in a exotic dancing club previous to but I took pole aerobics. I’d adore to initiate back afresh. I give props to the vixens that are competent on the pole. It is a lot harder than it looks. Kudos ladies!

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