Rochelle swings our way

Rochelle swings our way

Rochelle Enjoyable, a 66-year-old first-timer, told us about the first time that babe went to a swingers party. It was in 1994 in Minnesota.

“When I went, I did not know what it was,” this babe recalled. “I thought it was just a party where people got together. But when I sauntered in, I knew it was smth different. Everybody was clothed very sexy, and there was a very sexual vibe. Previous to lengthy, people started hooking up.”

Rochelle received a lot of offers to hook up that night, but she didn’t accept any of them.

“I just viewed. I took it all in,” said Rochelle, who says this babe is an exhibitionist. “But the next time…”

The next time, Rochelle showed up willing to copulate, and shag she did! So started Rochelle’s swinging life, which hasn’t slowed since. But she had never drilled on-camera until now.

“My friends from the lifestyle wouldn’t be surprised to see me here,” that babe said. “A lot of ’em know I’m here. They’re very excited for me. They cant wait to watch it.”

Rochelle is now living in Texas. This babe is a Mom and grandmother. This babe enjoys watching TV and playing on her PC and fantasies of traveling to South The United States of America. That babe is into a wide variety of fetishes (although this babe doesn’t like being fastened up), and when it comes to sex, she’ll go after what this babe wants.

“I’m not demure,” told Rochelle, who isn’t bashful about showing off her D-cup scoops, either.

Relish Rochelle. This babe and her allies might be watching this movie scene right now, likewise!

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