Put THEM On The Glass!

Put 'EM On The Glass!

There is probably one thing that u and the opposite sex have in common, and that one thing is Desperate Housewives. The solely thing is that women like to view a expose about those lonely, lustful sluts and we like to fuck the shit out of them when their husbands are at work. Trust us when we say, those lonely and lusting broads get so worked up that they will jump anything with a stiffy, if they acquire the chance. And no one knows this more than the blue-collar service Lothario. That is right: The Maytag petticoat chaser is tagging more booties than you and us combined, stud. When a despairing housewife spreads her door for a service call, chances are that this babe will soon be opening her legs for a little servicing, too. Watch as Amber, a lonely woman all cooped up in a glitzy high rise, goes gaga for the window washer and comes to a conclusion to lure him in by putting her jugs on the glass. You’ll wish to grasp a squeegee and kick off a new profession when you see her work his knob to a streak-free shine.

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