Popper Topper

Popper Topper

Laurella has an extremely powerful resemblance to the very popular Bozena, another Czech Voluptuous and XL Gal since 2004.

Love Bozena, Laurella went right for the 10-Pounder, and while she does do very fine solo posing, if a playgirl is intend to bonk right from the starting, let’s go for it.

A secretary by profession, Laurella told she has sex in her spare time.

“I don’t love to brandish my whoppers likewise much when I dress. I usually dress sporty and elegant. Making the movie was different. Dressing my titties in hawt tops is a get to for everyone watching, no? I adore my mammaries but I dont adore to brandish them when I go out.

“All my life, many chaps will come up to me and say ‘Wow, you have greater than standard bra buddies!’ I just say thanks. They should say other things. I know I have large fun bags. I see them in the mirror every single day. I’m not going to go home with every man who gives me a compliment but I might give some my email. They should say something like ‘Your sweater looks very fine on you’ or something of this nature.

“I love a guy who makes me feel hawt. Once this woman chaser can do that, I will give him everything this woman chaser wants cuz I’m a very assured, aggressive female. I know what guys adore.”

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