Swimming pool side Princess

Poolside Princess

One observe Princess was all it took for us to know that here is a SCORE Girl.

If Princess could time journey to the 1990s, this babe could sail on the Boob Cruises, and not just ‘cuz of her looks and bust size. Princess has the personality for it, too.

SCORELAND: You are a dom, but you’re how tall?

Princess: Five-feet.

SCORELAND: You are a five-foot slavemaster. Can five-foot babes dominate tall bucks?

Princess: I really get tons of taller, younger businessmen, and they love being dominated by a younger girl. It just works for me.

SCORELAND: What do you say to them? Let’s say I wanted to be dominated. What’s a commonplace thing I’d want?

Princess: Probably being called “loser” and making joy of your dunky dong. Telling u to pay me more cash cuz I deserve it. The boyz wanna hear me say, “Your wife doesn’t need Valentine’s Day gifts. I merit gifts more than that babe does. I’m hotter than your wife. I’m more precious than your wife. I’ll always be more good.”

SCORELAND: U are hotter than most guys’ wives.

Princess: I’d like to think so.

SCORELAND: Have you ever met a woman with greater hooters than yours?

Princess: Not in person. I know they’re out there.

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