Photo Chest

Photo Chest

What SCORELAND members say about Shara Lopez:
“My prefered model. Hot as all hell. Those low-angle, bending over doggy style shots indeed allow Shara’s pendulous drooping pointer sisters to shine!”–Bruce

“My hand has become arthritic, my nut sack is dry, and it’s Shara’s fault.”–Mam Stud

“I don’t know what I’d wanna cuddle more, her bosoms or her long, flowing, golden locks. Oh, who am I kidding? It would be her mambos, but her hair is a close second!–Boobhound

Shara Lopez claps and slaps her large natural meatballs together. The hills are alive with the sound of boob music, our favourite. This is likewise a prefered of her web digital camera members.

“Me gusta mucho darme placer,” Shara told our photographer Carlo. “Es mas hawt cuando los chicos me miran.” (“I indeed like to give myself fun. It is sexier when the boyz watch me.”)

“Shara is a great adult model and tons of fun,” this gent said us when he got back from Colombia. “The day flies by with her. She’s a particular cutie.”

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