Patty’s Pink Canoe Paddling

Patty's Pink Canoe Paddling

“It’s impossible not to be amicable and glad around Patty Michova,” our photographer declared. “She’s just a doll.”

“I adore a Lothario who is not a chaser,” told Patty with the assistance of her translator. “I like a lad who is a little bit of a defiance. But there should be an unspoken connection betwixt us 1st before everything else. I adore going on romantic dates but not too romantic.

“Maybe we go dancing or have dinner. If there’s plan to be sex, it depends on how everything is going. It could be the second date, or the 3rd or the 4th. It depends on how I feel our connection is working out.”

If Patty doesn’t have a skirt chaser and she’s feeling slutty, masturbation is always an option. And when she cums, she is a screamer, as this scene exposes.

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