No. 1: Linsey Dawn McKenzie

No. 1: Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Ever since Linsey Dawn McKenzie made her SCORE first appearance on the cover of the December 1996 issue, she has been the busty adult model by which all others have been judged. Every one time in a whilst, a novice arrives on the scene and is hailed as “The Next Linsey Dawn McKenzie.” But, as the mag browsers made clear in their “20 for 20” voting and SCORELAND members confirmed, there has not ever been “the next” Linsey Dawn McKenzie. Not quite 16 years after she debuted, LDM is still the greatest SCORE Gal of all time. That babe finished No. 1 in the magazine’s “20 for 20” and No. 1 anew by a wide margin in SCORELAND‘s “20 for Twenty.” On this, magazine browsers and SCORELAND members assent.

They weren’t always in agreement in the “20 for Twenty.” SCORELAND members chose six girls–Natalie Fiore (No. Eighteen), Terry Nova (No. 15), Angela White (No. 13), Valory Irene (No. 12), Eva Notty (No. 11), Hitomi (No. 10; this babe was not on the mag’s ballot) and Autumn-Jade (No. 8)–who weren’t voted to the mag’s top Twenty. Missing from the SCORELAND Top Twenty are Tiffany Towers, Minka, Ines Cudna, Tawny Peaks, Pandora Peaks and Big breasted Dusty. But during the time that some might argue that SCORELAND members favored newer adult models while mag browsers favored models from the ’90s, the results do not reflect that. Of the top five beauties in SCORELAND‘s “20 for 20,” 2 (Chloe Vevrier and Linsey) launched pre-2000. Of the top 10, four (Chloe, Linsey, Autumn-Jade and Kerry Marie) debuted pre-2000. More accurately, magazine readers went for the skinny ‘n’ stacked augmented beauties while SCORELAND members disregarded them almost absolutely (SaRenna Lee at No. Twenty being the sole exception).

But on Linsey, everybody acquiesced.

Other than SaRenna, no adult model has been more-associated with SCORE than Linsey. She started out as a tabloid newspaper sensation in the Great Britain, first took a bow in the Dec. ’96 SCORE, then proved that the almost all amazing can get even more worthwhile when that babe unveiled her spectacular boob growth spurt in 1999. We waited patiently for LDM to do her first hardcore scene, and in 2002, this babe delivered with a scorcher in Paramount Linsey, then an even-hotter follow-up with Czech brassiere buster Veronika and a gent in 2003’s Maximum Insertion. We observed her acquire married, then divorced, then receive married anew. We devoted a web resource to her, then that babe got voted into the Big busted Hall of Fame. And now, we bestow another applaud upon her: highest SCORE Angel ever.

Ten years from now, we might do a “30 for Thirty.” 20 years from now, we might do a “40 for 40.” Between now and then, “the next Linsey Dawn McKenzie” figures to come along many times, and we look forward to seeing those beauties. But there’s a admirable chance that in 2022 and 2032, just love in 2012 and 2002, we’ll still be calling LDM “the high-reaching.” No. 1 in our “20 for 20.”

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