McDonald’s Loss

McDonald's Loss

One of the articles at the SCORELAND Blog asked the question, “Where have all the breasty strippers gone?” For years, so many SCORE Girls were found in undress clubs or referred by their agents. Often times, a SCORE browser would be impressed by a dancer he saw and would tell her about us. This day, big-boobed strippers appear to be to be an endangered group. They are indeed rock hard to discover.

This wasn’t the case with Natasha Dulce who was exotic dancing at 19 at the completely undressed disrobe club 2001 Odyssey and a miniature in number other places in Tampa, Florida and came to us a year later. She did not dance at some other disrobe club called Mons Venus ‘coz, as Natasha said, “They desire skinny, slender gals and they tell me, ‘You’re also corpulent.’ They love actually skinny beauties, love the anorexic ones. Not adore me.” Likewise bulky? Likewise chunky? What is the club world coming to? If we owned a exotic dancing club, we’d hire this beauty in a flash. If we saw her at some other disrobe club, we’d hire her away from it.

Ten-to-fifteen years ago, Natasha would have waited a scarcely any years and modeled bare in advance of trying on-camera rogering or that babe wouldn’t have tried hardcore at all. But times are different. Natasha screwed her 1st day at SCORE and was totally self-confident about it. There is a lot to be said for the young generation.

What happens when a former schoolmate recognizes Natasha on stage? “They view me in a different way, and they always try to get with me afterward. But I tell them to relish the dance.”

Wise advice from anybody so young, so tender….

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