Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Graduating Summa Cum Loud

Formerly known as Mia Callista, Mia Khalifa dressed up as a high school coed for this second hardcore scene, a mighty popular look whether in a photo studio, a lap dancing club stage or someone’s bedroom. It suits Mia just valuable. She’s got the look. The glasses add a wonderful, accademically touch too. (Mia needs ’em, for real.) Adore her very first XXX experience with Carlos Rios, this is a lascivious collision.

In a not many months, SCORE discovery Mia Khalifa, has gone from toiling at a burger joint for low wages to the immense sex star on the planet. If the editor of SCORE hadn’t observed her with out her shitty uniform, this chap would have not ever pitched his fellow-perv colleagues about approaching Mia to glamour model. So what was Mia wearing in the parking lot that day that attracted this perv?

“I was wearing a very constricted top that was backless and very thin and form-fitting and a high-waisted petticoat that was too very form-fitting and came down almost like a schoolgirl petticoat and darksome pumps.”

SCORE: What’s the maddest thing you’ve ever done sexually?

MIA: Probably rogering a history teacher.

SCORE: You screwed your history teacher?

MIA: Yeah, in the classroom and somewhere else.

SCORE: When u drilled him in the classroom, was school going on?

MIA: School was going on. And there were people in the hallways. It was lunch time.

SCORE: How did this happen?

MIA: It took a ages to seduce him and convince him that it should happen. I’d take videos of myself at home and take them over to his desk whilst class was going on and say, “Oh, check out my weekend voyage to Recent York,” and obviously have it on mute.

SCORE: And u were exposed.

MIA: Yep and playing with myself. Or I would sit in his class in a skirt and not wear any underclothing. And then one day this man asked me to come back during lunch. And I came to his classroom, and this fellow put the curtains on the window on his door down and locked the room and closed the blinds and took me in a corner as far away from the windows as possible. This smooth operator told me to acquire on my knees, and I started mouthing his pecker, then he bent me over and drilled me and came in my mouth.

SCORE: Are u a swallower?

MIA: Yep.

SCORE: That was sexy?

MIA: Definitely. I went to my next class with cum on my breath!

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