Obscene Lexi Slade & Her Bigger than average Areolae

Messy Lexi Slade & Her Big Areolae

Lexi Slade was a sales rep when she realized that babe could do much more amazing getting hawt and hawt on-camera. Korina Kova spotted her and suggested this babe expand her horizons and her purse by connecting with SCORE.

Lexi spoken about sex because inquiring minds wanted to know.

Sex with girls:

“Oh yes, I think I’ll tell you about my 1st cutie collision. That babe was my most wonderful friend! We always called every other wife and we love every other dearly. I believe we had a rave and it ended up turning into an fuckfest afterwards.”

Sex in public:

“I’ve had numerous public sex encounters. My first was with my first husband in my almost all breathtaking friend’s apartment staircase. Yep, we almost got caught, and yep, it was worth it. From there, I had many car sex encounters with boyfriends. ‘cuz we definitely didn’t urge to have sex in our parents’ homes.”

Blow jobs:

“I have merely drank for one charmer and it’s my current boyfriend for not quite three years. It was such a turn-on for me.”

Anal play:

“I just latterly got into anal play. I haven’t tried touching with tongue anyone but I do not mind if they do it to me. Fingering is breathtaking.”

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