Darksome Snake Moaner

Black Snake Moaner

A SCORE Classic that started some controversy when it was originally released because it was one of our 1st interracial sex scenes. Some letters were expert. Some were con.

Melissa Carey is a Florida angel who fell into hot exposed modeling. She not at all behaved love it was a planned event. She has bigger than standard tits and found out that we spend our lives looking for gals who have large knockers and that our paychecks don’t bounce. Melissa is only 5′ tall. Her bra-busters look even bigger in size on her petite body in the flesh. Melissa had not at any time modeled and no one had ever asked her to until us.

Melissa had a job in a retail store and went to high school part-time. Melissa’s freshness and cuteness gave her a real baby doll look. That babe was in a car accident on a highway previous to this discharge and this babe was feeling hard but this babe did precious.

Melissa can’t live without dressing to draw attention to her chest and she loves screwing daily so she agreed to try a boy-girl with a smooth operator this babe knew after warming up 1st with toy masturbation posing.

This babe had no idea that big-bust magazines even existed. “I not at all even knew that there were magazines of angels with greater than typical breasts. I had no idea. My boyfriends have always loved touching my love melons, and I adore it, but I not at any time thought to touch ’em myself for pleasure. I didn’t know that boys adore to watch movies of cuties playing with their funbags. I swear, I didn’t.”

A quiet, passive girl, she has a tractable personality by her own description. “I kinda let the boy do anything this chab craves to me. I not at all make the first move. If I assent to courting you, it means I am already attracted to you. It is up to u if we wind up in bed at your place. I wouldn’t date you if I was not intend to let u copulate me.”

That babe was girlfriend material. In other words, a baby doll fuck-toy.

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