Stacked Love Whoa!

Stacked Like Whoa!

Writes Rex, “Maya Milano truly has the voluptuous body u are known for. Her thighs are the perfect ones to wrap around one’s neck.”

Glamorous Maya is completing her university degree. Her trips to shoot for SCORE have opened her eyes to recent possibilities. “I always enjoyed photography,” says Maya. “Now I’m more interested than ever. I like exposed modeling and all the kind compliments I read at SCORELAND and in Voluptuous mag. It makes me feel peculiar and everyone is so wonderful.”

Maya was demure about showing her snatch when she started posing in July, 2014. Nicole Peters, Valory Irene and other breasty women were timid also, at 1st. In this scene, Maya is now spreading, fingering and getting bolder. It’s a gracious event when combined with the sight of her remarkably large natural scoops, the kind of boobies that make other beauties envious and lads dazed and confused.

Yeah, the sight of Maya Milano turns men’s brains into pudding. What a way to go.

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