Mom Mia!

Mamma Mia!

Roam the royal Romanian hills of Mia Beauty in this XL Beauties scene and feast your eyes upon her mellow, regal and robust riches. It’s no surprise that enchanting Mia’s appearances produce reactions like: “This Romanian Female-dominant is a 100% prime sample of the hidden treasures from the Eastern bloc! My time in Bucharest was filled with nothing but babes this captivating!-BBWLover.”

XLGirls: So. Mia, how were u identified for XL Cuties?

Mia: Roxanne Miller was the one that 1st posted a picture of me on Twitter and right after that, one of the recruiters contacted me.

XLGirls: Have your 40H mounds ever broken a below garment hook or a brassiere strap?

Mia: It really happened a petite in number times and now I’m trying to receive stronger bras.

XLGirls: Have u ever broken a bathing suit or bra belt in public?

Mia: Yeah, it happened in public. One summer, I was walking on the street wearing a nice, taut, white top when one of the thongs just popped and my boob kind of fell from the beneath garment cup. I had to avoid into a shop and buy a new one .

XLGirls: How much do your funbags weigh now?

Mia: My left boob is bigger in size than my right boob. I do not know how visible it is but I do notice it. To be honest, I can’t remember how much they weigh, because, yep, I did weigh them. But they are nice-looking heavy. I love my love bubbles and I wouldn’t change how they are for anything in the world.

XLGirls: Is there everything we should know about you that we do not know?

Mia: Well, hardly any people know this but not everybody. I’m a veterinarian by degree. Latterly I’ve seen comments online where “concerned” studs think if I do not do hardcore pretty soon, I will starve to death! That makes me giggle. So, dudes, don’t worry about my future. I won’t stop what I am doing right now. It’s likewise much joy for me. I adore what I do, webcamming and shooting, and I’m here for a ages from now on.

XLGirls: Do you have a message for your fans who will be seeing this scene?

Mia: Thank’s men for all your support. It’s overwhelming to see how many of u like my work and appreciate it. You fellows are the foremost. Tons of hugs and kisses!

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