Maid for breast paramours

Maid for breast lovers

Angels with large bosoms doing household chores. Now and then, a request comes in from somebody who enjoys seeing that theme. There was a reader who wrote a few times asking to see a big-boobed angel ironing, something we did with Krystal Swift, Joana and Monica Love. Domestic chores are not a recent theme. In 1993, we filmed the great Voluptuous Gal Rhonda Baxter in her underclothing, and bare, vacuuming the carpet. The set was published in the July 1996 Voluptuous.

In this scene, the equally great Micky Bells vacuums, scrubs the floor and polishes the mirror. Some might call us serf drivers, but Micky did take a spank break to polish her nipps and love button. At least the studio people in Europe had the courtesy to give her gloves so this babe would not indecent her lovely hands or break a nail, god forbid.

Micky has a couple of the preeminent mellons in the world, and we’ve observed her in different phases of anatomical wonderment. She’s been a Voluptuous Gal, then an XL Gal, and a SCORE Goddess for a brief time when that babe dropped a lot of weight, and in this scene and a few others, that babe is preggy and packing mucho breast-meat another time.

Maybe it’s getting to be time to photograph her again. We need our Micky Bells fix.

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