La Bella Luna

La Bella Luna

“A ladies man has to do the footwork and seduce me mentally first,” told 63-year-old Luna Azul. “Once this chab does that, I’ll be his cock-worshipping bimbo.”

We have viewed Luna worshipping a lot of cock at and In her most-recent scene, this babe sucks and shags two boys who are a combined 49 years old.

“Someone one time asked me, ‘Luna, do you love juvenile schlong?’ And I responded by saying, ‘Does a bear shit in the woods?’ Of course I love juvenile schlong. A lady my age appreciates a youthful, rock hard rod. So of course I like young pecker. And I urge some. But I’m thinking, ‘What’s better than one young knob?’ How about 2 young knobs?”

Although Luna was captivated with the 2 juvenile ramrods in that scene, she says age has been no barrier to her sex life.

“Our society is captivated with youth. If solely youthful people knew how much better life and sex receive as you get maturer. I feel younger and more free now than I did when I was 30. I always felt that I was concupiscent, but I wasn’t always the almost any awesome at expressing it or acting how I indeed wanted to action. Now no thing holds me back. If there’s smth messy that I wish to say, I’ll say it with no shame.

“So go ahead, men. Take out your ramrods and jerk off during the time that looking at my bigger in size than standard scones and constricted, aged snatch. Have joy yourself. I did.”

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