Linzi Cassidy: A Freshman From Liverpool

Linzi Cassidy: A Freshman From Liverpool

When our London-based photo team 1st met Linzi Cassidy, that babe was Eighteen years mature and table lap dancing in Liverpool at a strip club called Angel’s Paradise. They made her an suggest and that babe traveled to London for her first shoot. On a free night, Linzi told she liked going exotic dancing at the Liverpool music venue Masque on Seel Street.

“My Mum has colossal melons, greater than mine. I suppose that is where I receive my bosom from,” naturally Big-Boob Linzi told. The blond gogo dancer was new to playing with toys on-camera but she was a quick learner and listened to direction. Later on, Linzi did girl-girls with Charlotte and Russian Kathy (aka Katarina-Nikita).

Here’s some trivia about British strip clubs: In the past, when dancers traipsed around the undress club looking for tips, before or after a dance on-stage, they carried a pint glass or a jug, ‘coz the tips were usually coins (the smallest paper note in the Great Britain is £5). This practice is, or was, known as “Jugging.”

This uncut movie with original audio is a perfect sample of how Linzi and other newcomers were expertly verbally directed in their scenes. Directing a glamour model is a skill. Many photographers either do not have that skill or the ability to express exactly to the angel what they wish her to do. Some members have written in to say that they detect the raw vids more interesting and even hornier than the polished versions with the audio wiped and music added.

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