Boob Cruise Beauties 1

Boob Cruise Gals 1

Some of the footage in this Caribbean-shot episode will be unfamiliar to even the majority diehard SCORE Woman chaser who’s observed DVDs, tapes and SCORELAND postings of all five of the Boob Cruises. Filmed in 1998, Boob Cruise Angels 1 is a newly edited and remastered-for-web movie of SaRenna Lee and Linsey Dawn McKenzie in two separate movie scenes.

Boob Cruise ’98 marked SaRenna’s 3rd Cruise, and love in her 1st two, that babe was one of the monumental attractions. Plenty of boys signed on just to meet SaRenna and this babe did not frustrate ’em.

Linsey Dawn McKenzie was celebrated on the Cruise for taking any opportunity to walk around absolutely nude, much to everyone’s delight. 19 when that babe sailed on this, her second journey, Linsey is likewise a three-time Cruiser (’97, ’98 and 2000).

The Boob Cruises had tons of reiterate passengers. The newer boys were always surprised that the photographers scheduled photo discharges so early in the morning. That is ‘cuz the first light of day is considered the “magic hour” for photography.

Boob Cruise ’98 was the stupendous of the five. On board were 3 makeup artists, seven photographers, three videographers, ten Miami SCORE crew members and Twenty four glamour models plus 75 passengers and the ship’s crew. It took a year to organize. The final one in 2000 scaled back coz it had just gotten likewise big! What do ya wait from dudes who love cuties with larger than typical mangos?

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