Let Lisa Straighten You Out

Let Lisa Straighten You Out

Lisa Canon loves to suit in tight tops and short skirts and attract manly, sexually pro chaps who are not bashful about asking for some candy. She likes oral-job and fucking daily.

Lisa is hanging out with her girlfriend, Araya for the night. They sit next to Araya’s brother while he’s watching TV. John cant assist but notice Lisa’s 34G colossal boobies about to spill over her tube top–lovely, enormous hangers filled with rich juggy goodness. The rest of Lisa is just as hot too.

When his sister gets off the daybed to acquire some water, John the excited bastard slips over for a closer look. His sister gets annoyed at John’s move and receives Lisa to leave so they can plan their evening out. Araya is a cock blocker. Lisa is not offended.

Later that night, Lisa leaves a sleeping buddy and sneaks into John’s bedroom. That chap wakes up and knows what the green-eyed brunette hair wants. This chab doesn’t need Lisa to carry a bigger in size than standard neon sign blinking “Fuck Me” into the room.

Being a polite gent, knowing he is gonna receive him some right now, that gent asks if that buck may touch her titanic flesh titties. Nature takes over. During the time that Araya sleeps in the next room, Lisa acquires her shlong meat as a midnight snack.

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