Welcome The Recent Sexy Mommy

Welcome The Recent Hawt Mama

Meet big breasted Laura Layne in her 1st 50PlusMILFS candid interview. Laura is a swinger and a web pornstar. The 51-year-old blonde became a swinger after her divorce to experience a different degree of erotic activity. Her first hubby wasn’t into Laura’s erotic dreams. Fifteen years and a few kids later, Laura’s since remarried and her sex drive has increased. The more sex she acquires, the more this babe urges.

That chap second husband is behind Laura all the way, literally, in her raunchy pursuits. “There’s always some form of sex going on in my life each single day, whether it’s full-on sex, a quickie, a oral stimulation or carnal conversation. And I’m not talking about phone sex. I mean in my regular, commonplace life with my hubby. There’s always some type of sexual energy going on.”

“I have worked in corporate The United States of America as a secretary and in lots of non-profit work. I endevoured the superlatively admirable I could to be a hawt office assistant back then. My ex-spouse was uptight about everything so I couldn’t be likewise hawt. But I guess my sex appeal just kind of showed throughout no matter what. I have enjoyment being naked but I do not consider myself a nudist. I adore to sunbathe undressed and flash my love bubbles. Responsibly, certainly.”

Laura likes swinging and screwing in smaller, private groups. She doesn’t go for the swinger married couples undress club scene and that babe likes other sweethearts likewise. “I don’t care likewise much for the club scene. We usually go to private, intimate gatherings of friends. That appears to be to work foremost for us. And it’s not adore we’re out swinging each weekend. It is smth that happens each now and then. It’s seasonal.”

Laura’s willing for her first a bit of butt scene at 50PlusMILFS. That babe is prepped her gazoo with a ass-ramming to loosen up and she is bonkers. Rocky’s got a big pecker. It’ll be inside her butt in Laura’s next episode! “I’m living it up, having a great time, savouring my sexuality,” says Laura, an inspiration to other old sweethearts.

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