Lana Blanc is red hot

Lana Blanc is red hot

“I was at a bar and someone said to me, ‘Is it hot in here or is it just you?'” H-cup Lana Blanc said. “It’s a corny, overused line but I applauded his courage.”

I wonder if he got anywhere with that line. Lana didn’t tell us. As you’ll see here, she’s a little on the shy side, putting on a tits show but not spreading her legs to give us a look at her shaved pussy. But she’s not so shy. She gives plenty of jack-off instruction.

“Stroke that cock until you cum on me,” she coos. You won’t need any encouragement, but it’s nice to hear.

“I get a lot of attention when I’m wearing very low-cut things, but honestly, I don’t dress in a very revealing way in my day-to-day life,” said Lana, who’s wearing a very revealing dress at the start of this video. She takes it off and pushes her tits into the camera. That cameraman got quite a view, and so will you.

Lana has a Bachelor’s degree in marketing. She told us, “I love to read and travel. I travel on my own a few times a year. I want to live abroad for an extended period of time. I’ve traveled extensively but have yet to base myself somewhere else other than the States. I also love spending time with my dog. I have a hairless Chinese Crested.”

Lana was born in Miami and lives in Houston. She flew to Southern California for her SCORELAND shoots. I wonder what she was wearing on the plane.

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